Next Big Creator 2021 is a creator recognition campaign by Pepper Content to celebrate the talent and appreciate the creativity of Indian Creators. At the Next Big Creator Awards our aim is to identify and promote various groups of creators spread across industries and fields in a month-long activity.

NBC 2021 | 13th February 2021

What are the Next Big Creator Awards?

The Next Big Creator Awards are awards aimed at uplifting and representing the creative geniuses of this country. We hope to bring them greater recognition through this campaign.

The nomination process will start from the 18th January 2021 and will continue till the 8th February 2021. A virtual event will take place on the 13th of February 2021, Saturday where the results will be announced.


Our jury comprises extraordinary professionals and industry experts from all around the country, specialising in diverse fields and sectors. Each category will be assessed by a jury with experience and understanding of the particular niche. The members of the jury will be introduced very soon, stay tuned!

Picture of Devaiah Bopanna
Devaiah Bopanna
Writer, Co-Founder
All Things Small
Picture of Anuj Gosalia
Anuj Gosalia
Terribly Tiny Tales
Picture of Dipraj Jadhav
Dipraj Jadhav
Video Creator
Picture of Viraj Ghelani
Viraj Ghelani
Content creator
Picture of Varun Duggirala
Varun Duggirala
Podcaster and CCO
The Glitch
Picture of Meeta Malhotra
Meeta Malhotra
The Hard Copy
Picture of Vaibhav Sisinty
Vaibhav Sisinty
Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker
Picture of Ankur Warikoo
Ankur Warikoo
Entrepreneur, Content Creator
Picture of Surpiya Paul
Surpiya Paul
Josh Talks
Picture of Akash Ranison
Akash Ranison
Content Creator and Climate Activist


Podcasts and audio content in general is no longer considered the second class citizens of the content world. More and more creators are venturing into podcasting as a medium to increase their reach. We saw the rise of some exceptional content from Indian creators in this field last year.
One of the most important creative skills is the ability to write. If you can write, you have the power to tell stories that can convert ideas into reality. Writers drive the message home, all the time. Writers are like the hub of the wheel that keeps the show going. Simply put, without writers, businesses can't survive and thrive.
The creative geniuses behind the illustrious templates and covers. The visual element is a large part of all pieces of content and it is the designers who make everything palatable and presentable.
The Buggles sang about the video's domination back in the 70s. With the rise of internet penetration and smartphones' growth, everyone is watching something or the other. Video content is on the radar of every brand and marketer, and so are the superstar video creators. We welcome video creators to submit their best work. If you know one, do nominate them.
In the information age, no other social media platform comes close to the impact of Twitter. Twitter has become a platform for ideas and opinions to emerge and get noticed in no time. Share your best tweets, or tell us about Twitter Titans, changing the narrative with powerful commentary that gets traction and drives the digital conversations.
LinkedIn has turned out to be the platform for massive organic growth as more and more people are interested in networking and scaling up their content. Many creators have carved out an unique following through LinkedIn.
These are the creators who through their work brought a positive change in the society. The creators who used their voice and resources to uplift and empower others. The creators who stood up for noble causes and gave back to the society through their efforts.


Here is our entire agenda for the Next Big Creator Awards 2021 event. Check out our various exciting segments for the action-packed day here!

18th January, 2021
Nominations Begin
23rd-27th January, 2021
Announcing our Jury
8th February, 2021
Nominations End
13th February, 2021
Virtual Event and Announcement of Winners


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See you there!

This campaign is a step to acknowledge all creators and their unique voices. It is the manifestation of the power we hold as a community to empower and entitle each other. We can not do this without your support and encouragement. Join us in our campaign and stand by your favourite creators!